Too much thoughts.

Posted On March 4, 2007

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When 15th march comes about, I don’t have to think anymore.

Aiyar. I also realized that my talking style has changed a bit, and typing and everything. But I know that there’s nothing further to our relationship than just friends.

Am I wishing there were?

I look forward to talking to you online, and feel sad if you aren’t there. Sigh.

The last time I ever talked past 3am was to David. And I broke records by talking to you over the phone from 113o – 5am. If I haven’t gotten scolded yet…

And then somehow talking to you always cheer me up. Especially after that disaster of disasters of a piano exam.

You’re probably the nicest person ever, and me being who I am, probably don’t deserve to have such a wonderful friend.

Thank you.

I like the way things are now. (:


Changed layout.

Posted On January 16, 2007

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I like this layout.

I have moved to my livejournal, but there will be some updates here, I think. ;D

Sick, and thank god I don’t have to go for band anymore. Phew.

Introducing – Pet Project Number One

As posted on my livejournal, and I will probably update Akashi once I feel like doing so, I have a little pet project I’m going to work on during the end of year holidays, and thanks to Cat, the title will be Toasted Marshmallow.

It will be my views on the character of Kaidoh Kaoru, aka Mamushi, aka Kaoru-chan, aka Mamu-chan.

I aim to make this ‘profile’ as true to the manga as possible, but I know I won’t be able to resist to pulling in scenes from the anime, especially the different matches and some of the filler arcs.

Inspiration came from the latest chapter of Prince of Tennis, Genius 324 – although on crack but gives me valuable insight to Kaidoh, and possibly? the reasons as to why he is who he is now.

Kaidoh is also one of the most heavily developed characters, in my opinion, of the whole manga, with perhaps the exception of Kikumaru Eiji. Kaidoh also has the most fascinating relationships ever.

1. Inui – the senpai/kohai relationship.
2. Inui – the mentor/protege relationship.
3. Momoshiro – the rivals relationship.
4. Momoshiro – the friendship relationship.
5. Momoshiro – the ‘I-have-your-back’ relationship.
6. Inui – how much does Kaidoh trust him?

I actually have a lot more, but I need to think about it.

My spacebar is acting up on me. That’s all. =]

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